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Assistant Trainers
Trainers Licensing Criteria
  • An applicant with a previous record of drug-abuse who may otherwise satisfy the criteria set out in these Regulations may be issued with an MRA Pass provided the following conditions are met:
    • A person who holds or has held an MRA Trainer licence.
    • A person who has held an MRA Assistant Trainer licence for at least three years.
    • A person who holds or has held an overseas Professional Trainer licence for a continuous period of three years. However, where a person has held a Professional Trainer licence for less than a continuous period of three years, but has been employed as Foreman in a Group Training Establishment in a recognised overseas racing jurisdiction for a continuous period of six years during which he has acted in the capacity of an Assistant Trainer for a period of three years in that Group Training Establishment would be considered to have satisfied this criteria.
    • A person who is an ex-jockey or Professional Equine Veterinary Surgeon and has served at least two years as an Assistant Trainer. Save that in exceptional cases a jockey may be directly appointed as a Professional Trainer.
    • A person who is a former official of the Association.
  • In addition, the applicant must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Must be at least twenty one (21) years of age and not older than sixty-seven (67) years of age.
    • Passed written and oral tests conducted by the Stipendiary Stewards.
    • Passed a practical test conducted by a panel consisting of an MRA Trainer representative, a Veterinary Surgeon and an MRA Stipendiary Steward.
    • Obtained a recommendation by the Stipendiary Stewards.
    • Have a good disciplinary record in racing.
    • Have produced owners' support for a minimum of fifteen (15) horses.
    • Provide a banker's references which should indicate his financial standing and show that he had maintained an active account for the past three years and has a balance in fixed deposits and current account savings, exceeding S$100,000/RM250,000 for the six months immediately preceding the date of application for a licence.
    • Deposited a banker's guarantee or cash deposit of an amount to be determined by his Club.
    • Passed a medical examination by a MRA-approved doctor.
  • An applicant must not have record of any criminal or bookmaking offences.
  • An “overseas” applicant must submit:
    • Performance record giving the names of horses trained and the number of runners and winners. and
    • Disciplinary records for the preceding three (3) years.
  • If an expatriate applicant obtains a licence, he must register ten (10) new horses within twelve (12) months of being licensed as MRA Trainer.
  • A Trainer applying for renewal of his licence must submit a stable management account for the previous year.
  • A Trainer who is sixty (60) years of age may apply for extension of his licence, and such application will be considered on its individual merits, provided that such application will only be considered if the Trainer is certified medically fit, has a clean disciplinary record and is not delinquent in his payments to the Clubs and the Association.
  • Any applicant must not be delinquent in any of his payments to any of the Clubs and/or the Association.
  • Notwithstanding that the licensing criteria set out in this Regulation is intended to be adhered to as closely as possible, the Committee may at its sole discretion waive or vary certain criteria depending on the facts of each application for a licence.
Assistant Trainers

An Assistant Trainer should be available to attend race meetings and deputise for a Trainer who has been granted permission to be absent or is unable to attend race meetings.

Assistant Trainer Licensing Criteria
  • An applicant for an Assistant Trainer licence must be from one of the following three categories:
    • A person who holds or has held an Assistant Trainer licence or its equivalent with a registered racing authority. or
    • A person who has successfully completed the Diploma of Horse Business Management Course conducted by the Marcus Oldham College or Certificate IV in Racing (Thoroughbred) – Trainer course conducted by Traintech 2000 Pty Ltd or such other institutions approved by the Association.
    • A citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia or Singapore who satisfies the following criteria :

      • he is a stablehand who has served at least three years as a Stable Supervisor at its equivalent grade with a licensed trainer with a recognised racing authority. or
      • he is a veterinary surgeon or jockey who has served up to a year as a Stable Supervisor. In exceptional cases, they can be directly appointed as an Assistant Trainer.
    • he is a jockey who has completed a one-year course on stable management with a recognised overseas racing institution, such as the Taft College in Australia or the University of Arizona in the United States.
    • he is a former official of the Association.
All applicants for an Assistant Trainer licence:
  • Must have a good disciplinary record.
  • Must have passed a practical and theoretical examination set by the Stipendiary Stewards.
  • Must be recommended by the Stipendiary Stewards.
  • Must pass a medical examination conducted by a MRA-approved doctor.
  • Preferably have a secondary education or its equivalent.
  • Must not have record of any criminal or book-making offences